Rescue my data

I have a CCTV device, I need the get better the films thats been overwrite and long gone, and that i cant assessment them anymore. I’ve looked at a great blog on to get information on how to rescue the data

Western virtual outside USB three drive with one PCB for each the force and adapter (outside drives usually gave separate pcb for force and every other one connecting sata to USB) power gets energy, however is not being regarded by way of windows, Mac or Linux.

i’ve 2TB Western virtual (WD) Blue which has most probable head fault – the pinnacle read/write head does no longer stay at the records platter. would you be able to endorse how lots wouldn’t it value to retrieve records or restore the current force? This has commenced happening for the reason that my “My WD Passport” external pressure has been dropped. it now not being acknowledged via the computer.

i have a laptop hard disk, that failed some years lower back that I could do with recovering the data from. I think the disk failed because of the laptop being dropped, so most in all likelihood mechanical failure. I keep in mind it did control as well a few times after the knock so possibly head hit/damaged disk ? i’m able to drop the disk off as I work in London. What could I be searching at in phrases of value? As you may guess I do not need an pressing response/short turnaround on this.


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